The Outlaw, His Wife and Their Neighbor

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Tenants cause problems in a variety of ways, from noise to simply not caring for the home. Some things can be changed and some cannot. Illegal activity can often be a reason for eviction. In many cases, a landlord is held responsible for the activities of their tenants.

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If the tenants are selling or manufacturing drugs, for example, the landlord could be held liable. A savvy landlord will know this, so if you let them know there is a problem, it could be resolved by the homeowners themselves. If the activities of the tenants are not illegal but simply annoying, you can still talk to the homeowners or even the tenants themselves as a first step.

Dealing with tenants who are simply noisy can be resolved by a call to local law enforcement. Either the visit will deter the tenants from making noise or it will alert the homeowners to a problem.

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Unfortunately, you usually do not have a right to a specific view; the only exception is if your neighbors put something up simply out of spite to block your view. It is tough to prove, but it could be cause for removal. The other exception to a 'right to view' rule depends on where you live. In some communities—primarily those with pricey oceanfront views—there may be legal recourse if your view is obstructed by a tree or structure.

You may have recourse through your HOA or subdivision if that organization has restrictions or covenants in place to protect views. A review of your covenants can reveal what to do next. As with other disputes, your community or HOA can also assist with water-damage-related issues.

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If your neighbor is legally responsible for damage to your home, then they will have to pay repair and restoration costs. Getting them to do this can be as easy as asking or as complex as taking them to court.

THE NEIGHBOR'S WIFE DIED?? - Hello Neighbor Hide And Seek [Stage 3]

If the street is truly a public road, then you both have equal rights to park there, provided you follow the law. You can attempt to get there first, talk things out, or seethe quietly. There are not really any true legal remedies to resolve parking disputes. If the parking is being done in an area that is illegal or street parking is against your neighborhood HOA covenants, you could have some recourse with that organization.

Asking for assistance can help, as can building a fence. As a last resort, you could contact animal control for additional help. Laws that require people to clean up after pets or control pets particularly those that have already caused damage or harm can also help. Your local animal control agency is a good place to start when you have had no luck speaking to a neighbor about their animals or pest problems. The humble, beautiful tree is a surprising source of strife between neighbors. From trees that block views to trees that fall on property, tree damage is a recurring theme and issue when it comes to neighbor disputes.

Ownership matters. The owner of the tree is usually the person whose property contains the trunk, no matter how far the branches or leaves extend onto the adjacent property.

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In rare instances, a tree can grow exactly on the property line and you can share ownership. The fruit borne by the tree belongs to the owner no matter where that fruit falls, but most neighbors are able to work out compromises regarding fruit ownership. The owner of the tree is responsible for the damage it causes, unless it falls through no fault of your own.

Badass Belle Star: The Oklahoma Schoolgirl Who Became A Fearsome Outlaw

Negligence is a different matter, though. If your tree has not been properly cared for or trimmed and it falls, then you could be held liable for damages.

The location and type of fence can cause a problem for you. If you allow a neighbor to add a fence that extends onto your property, you may actually be giving them a license to use your land. Fences do not grow overnight; if you see the signs that a fence is coming, including property line marks, make sure they are accurate first. Spotting problems early can help prevent disputes later. It is far easier and less expensive to ask your neighbor to move a flag or the projected path of a fence than it is to move the fence once it is constructed.

Most neighbor disputes are nuisances, but for actual crimes you can call the police. In some cases, a visit from the local police department will help, but it often will not resolve the underlying issue. Actual crimes should be addressed for your safety and the safety of the community; you do not have to reveal you are the neighbor when you call.

In the summer of , Bud Shirley died after a fight broke out between warring political factions in nearby Sarcoxie, Mississippi. Around the same time, his family tavern burned down which left the Shirley family wrecked and destitute.

The Outlaw, His Wife and Their Neighbor

Starr vowed to avenge Bud, but before she knew it, her family moved to Texas and the Union won the war. Two years later, she had a daughter named Rosie, while her husband was getting up to no good with a man named Sam Starr. Wanted for several crimes, including murder, Reed went on the run — and Starr went with him. In between fleeing from state to territory to state, Starr had a son. Eventually, though, authorities issued warrants for her arrest for a stagecoach robbery.

In , the law finally caught up to Reed, when an undercover deputy killed him. She spent her time stealing horses and frustrating the authorities to no end.

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Meanwhile, she added to her list of lovers, one of whom was allegedly none other than Cole Younger. Their supposed quickie marriage — it only lasted three weeks — became only a blip on her marital record. Of Cherokee descent, the Starrs married on land belonging to his Nation. The two apparently lived happily ever after for two years after their wedding, in At the time, both Starrs had gone back to bad habits allegedly stealing two horses from their neighbors.

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Despite facing a notoriously severe judge, they only got a bit of time in jail. He sentenced Belle Starr to two six-month terms in prison.


Once they both got out of jail, the Starrs hooked up with their old crew. Not long after pleading innocent to that charge, Starr got caught up in other crimes. Starr allegedly carried two pistols. Her husband engaged in a duel with a lawman and each killed the other. After her loss, rumors swirled that Belle took up with a number of different outlaws ranging from a fellow named Blue Duck to Jim July, a relative of Sam.

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Ironically, Belle Starr became a more stand-up woman in her later years, if not exactly a purely law-abiding citizen. She and her man of the moment, Jim July, threw a guy named Edgar Watson off her land because he was wanted for murder. Watson never forgave her for the perceived slight she committed against him. Starr went to visit friends and family, and July had to deal with horse-stealing charges. On her way home, Starr was riding solo when she was ambushed and shot twice. She died alone on the trail home.