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While our study guides are intended to be your go-to resource for passing the bar, they are also designed for integrated use along with popular courses like BarBri, BarMax, and Kaplan. Our Priority Outlines, Smart Sheets, and study tools integrate well with review courses because each is arranged in terms of frequency and topic, saving you the hassle of trying to figure out which rules are the most important to study. Sure… you can see samples of our UBE study materials here. The updated February bar exam study materials will be released sometime between late-November and early-December If you purchase the current July version now, we will automatically send you the Feb.

With the exception of the Smart Flashcards, all of our study materials are delivered in standard digital PDF format. Once downloaded, you can use the materials as long as you wish. However, the link to download the materials usually expires at 6 months from your purchase for security reasons — we can reactivate the download links in certain circumstances if you email us.

For that reason, we suggest that you download the materials on your computer or device. With the exception of the Smart Flashcards, all of our study materials are an instant digital download in PDF format. Unfortunately, we do not provide any materials in hard-copy paper format.

However, there are no restrictions on printing, so you would be able to print the outlines and study guides yourself. How long will it take to get access? Immediately, since the files are downloadable. After your purchase, you will be emailed a unique link to access and download the files. What subjects are covered? See the full list of subjects below:. It is uniformly administered, graded, and scored by user jurisdictions and results in a portable score that can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions.

The MPT is not a test of substantive knowledge.

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Before I found out my friend failed the Feb bar he told me that one thing he would have changed is the amount of practice problems he did. Ry, thanks for your comment! Expand Navigation Section Employers. And I highly recommend this program to anybody. International Students. How long is Law School?

Rather, it is designed to evaluate certain fundamental skills lawyers are expected to demonstrate regardless of the area of law in which the skills are applied. Check out our Privacy Policy. Study Smarter. Optimize Your Bar Prep. As featured in:. See our Study Tools. Step 1. We have packed this outline with: All rules tested in the last 49 MEE exams. Model rule statements to All rules tested covering essays over 25 years , drafted how examiners test them so you know exactly what they are looking for. Provides the detail required to adequately answer an essay question.

Includes MEE Tips in the right sidebar — these provide insights on how the MEE tests certain topics and when to apply certain rules on the exam based on our extensive research of all the past exams and testing patterns. Within these condensed pages you will find: Clear and concise rule statements.

Frequency Charts. The Frequency Charts: Are sorted from most to least tested. Include bar charts to visually see how often items are tested. Plus, each Frequency Chart contains unique features.

MEE Frequency Contains cross-references to the page numbers in our Priority Outline to provide easy access to refresh your memory on the extended model rule statements. Is sorted from most to least tested , BOTH overall and within each subject area. The number of questions to expect for each topic based upon the official MBE subject matter outline.

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Breakdown of the Tasks tested on every MPT since Is sorted by overall frequency from most to least tested. Step 2. Smart Flashcards. Are ideal for memorizing rules with multiple elements.

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Optimize memory by repeating legal concepts at the optimal interval for faster learning and longer retention. Can be used online or on your mobile device iPhone, iPad, or Android for memorizing legal concepts on the go. Printable Flashcards. Step 3. MEE Practice. These are the model answers that the bar exam graders use to score essay questions, and are perfect to grade yourself to see how your answer measures up. Clickable table of contents to easily find a particular essay or answer. That way you can see the most recent essays first or click on a particular essay for a subject you want to work on.

This study guide: Is perfect for reviewing numerous essays for a subject in a short amount of time. Contains summary answers with a list of the issues tested by point value. Helps you quickly review past essays to see how questions are structured. Is organized by subject area in reverse chronological order. This helps you quickly review essays for a subject area from newest to oldest. Contains a clickable Table of Contents to easily jump to a particular subject or essay.

MPT Practice. Point Sheets that the bar exam graders use to score MPT questions so you can grade yourself. MPT questions are organized by Task in reverse chronological order, so you can start with the newest questions first. MBE Practice.

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Smart Guide to the MEE. Smart Guide to the MBE. Pre-order the Feb. Optimize your studying today with our Smart Study System. Smart Sheets.

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MEE Frequency Chart. MBE Frequency Chart. MPT Frequency Chart. It got us thinking…could we do better? Here is the method used to create the Priority Outline : The National Conference of Bar Examiners releases past exam questions along with student answers for each question approximately 3 months after the exam. Here is a chart that shows just how often rules are repeated:. Final deadlines to submit application and information for the February exam are Dec. Your credits must be evaluated on a course-by-course basis by a Credential Evaluation Service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

Non-ABA-approved law school graduates If you graduated from a law school not approved by the ABA, you must be able to prove to the Board that your undergraduate and law school education are equivalent to that required by the Board. Other resources to help you prepare to take the Tennessee bar exam include:. The Tennessee bar exam is a two-day affair. Subjects that are covered on the UBE include:. First, you must create a secure NCBE number account at ncbex. Follow the directions on the website in submitting the application and necessary attachments, as well as payment, to the NCBE.

Complete the new user registration and submit the application online. After receiving a confirmation email, you may access the Application for First Time Examination online.

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Complete and submit this online. Here, you will be told what required documents you must upload and which you must mail to the TBLE. Necessary documentation includes:. It usually takes about six weeks to receive results back from the February bar exam in Tennessee, and nine weeks for the July exam. Results will be mailed to you. Previous Tennessee bar exam pass rates as published by Adaptibar are as follows:. You may apply online to take this test, offered four times per year at these Tennessee locations:. The Tennessee Board of Law Examiners may admit you to the bar without examination that is, admission on motion if you are already a licensed attorney in another state or US jurisdiction.

You must:. Registration of In-House Counsel You may be registered with the Board as in-house counsel if you meet the following qualifications:. As registered in-house counsel, you may provide legal services to your business entity client or its organizational affiliates, only on matters directly related to their work for the entity. You may not appear before a Tennessee court, provide legal services in any other capacity, or hold yourself out to be licensed to practice law in Tennessee.

You may, however, provide pro bono legal services through an established non-profit or pro bono legal services program. This group, and the Bar Association as a whole, can assist you in getting started out with your own solo legal practice, finding work with an existing practice, or finding legal jobs in business or organizations.

There are numerous Fortune companies making their homes in Tennessee, and they often need legal help. It does, however, recognize certifications provided by other approved organizations, such as:. Consider joining a Tennessee organization made up of lawyers within your practice specialty, demographic or interest, such as:.