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Using methods in the filed. A practical introduction and casebook , Altamira Press, Walnut Creek. Salud y doble jornada: taquilleras del metro. Salud-Problema Las mujeres y la salud. El horizonte de la salud. El contrahorizonte del economicismo.

Estimating maternal mortality in rural areas of Mexico: the application of an indirect demographic method. Vida y muerte del mexicano , vol. A palabras de usuaria Work and health in Mexico.

International Journal of Health Services 9 4 La salud-enfermedad como proceso social. Revista Latinoamericana de Salud Social analysis of collective health in Latin America.

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Social Science and Medicine 28 11 : 1. The Mexican social security counterreform: pensions for profit. International Journal of Health Services 29 2 La experiencia obrera como fuente de conocimiento. The free trade agreement and the Mexican health sector. International Journal of Health Services 22 2 Debates en medicina social. Opas-Alames, Quito. Barriers to early detection of cervical-uterine cancer in Mexico.


Las transacciones institucionales y la pluralidad de trayectorias reproductivas. Consumo de medicamentos en farmacias privadas: los medicamentos inseguros, pp. Structured pluralism: towards an innovative model for health system reform in Latin America. Health Policy 41 1 In AC Laurell ed.

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Nuevas tendencias y alternativas en el sector salud. Las concepciones de los antiguos nahuas. In J Frenk ed. La medicina invisible. Sobrevivir en Malinalco. La salud al margen de la medicina. In F Basaglia. La salud de los trabajadores. Cuadernos de la Casa Chata Orientaciones, desigualdades y transacciones. Conceptos similares y significados diferentes. Embarazo y sexualidad adolescente. In F Lozano coord. Entre el infierno y la gloria. De las sexualidades. Algunas aproximaciones desde la perspectiva de las ciencias sociales.

Maternidad, sexualidad y comportamiento reproductivo: apuntes sobre la identidad de las mujeres, pp. In JG Figueroa comp.

Nightlife and Alcohol Consumption Among Youths: The Botellón Phenomenon in Spain

Medicine under capitalism. Prodist, New York. The labor process and health: a historical materialist interpretation. International Journal of Health Services 12 1 Strategy in advertising. Chicago: CrainBooks. Barcelona: Ariel.

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Since its inception in it has played a key role in publishing debates in and around feminism. The student demonstration created an environment in which people were free to coin their own slogans. Environment and History Environment and History is an interdisciplinary journal which aims to bring scholars in the humanities and biological sciences closer together. Please share your general feedback. Es decir, una forma de entender su pensamiento desde el aula como derivado, tejido a partir del reconocimiento de su propia humanidad y vulnerabilidad, con la humanidad y vulnerabilidad de otras y otros Puig de la Bellacasa , por ejemplo, de sus estudiantes. The Polish student movement in met with no answering echo from the workers. Se puede ser directivo para dejar hablar al grupo lo mismo que para hacerlo hablar.

Santiago: LOM. Madrid: Espasa Calpe. Madrid: Alianza.


Obras completas , vol. Madrid: CIS.

Theethicalconsumer , London: Sage. El regreso del sujeto. Madrid: Siglo XXI. Madrid: Universidad Complutense. En: Latiesa, M. Granada: Universidad de Granada, pp. Del algoritmo al sujeto.

En: VV. Marketing para publicitarios. Madrid: Tecnos. Thefocussedinterview and focusgroups: Continuities and discontinuities". ThePublicOpinionQuarterly 51 4 : New York: The Free Press. Thefocusgroup as qualitativeresearch. ThousandsOaks, Cal. And they did this using new forms of struggle, involving mass assemblies as means of decision-making, and a plethora of wildcat strike forms Regalia, Regini and Reyneri, ; Tarrow, a.

They won major concessions from employers in the autumn of It undermined and reined in mobilization, as workers hoped to recoup money lost during the stoppages. Conflicts continued over contract implementation, with mass action still seen as the most effective way to make gains: there were 4, strikes in But the period was one of deepening economic crisis, and union policy shifted from attack to defence.

After , as the economic crisis worsened, the balance of workplace power shifted back towards the employers and factory councils declined in importance. This period also saw a small section of the Italian left turn towards the terrorism of the Brigata Rossi, a response of elitist impatience.

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They suffered from their sectarianism, and their domination by models drawn from Third World national liberation movements, but above all from the weaknesses of their understanding of their own society. Too much focused on the large factories of the North, and prone to exaggerate immediate revolutionary prospects and to underestimate the popular roots of reformism, they could displace the old s student organizations but not so easily the Italian Communist Party or the union leaderships.

With better politics, the later implosion of the revolutionary groups in the later s might have been avoided. Like the Berkeley movement, the LSE struggle initially seemed to be an isolated occurrence, and did not immediately set off struggles elsewhere.