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Paris, Lefuel, []. Book consisting of little stories, poems and songs for children. It is illustrated with engravings and includes the calendar for Charming period binding in red morocco with its case. Quelques uns portent la signature "Nox", sans doute le pseudonime de l'artiste.

Important set of original models of postcards made with watercolor on strong paper. Some bear the signature "Nox", probably the pseudonym of the artist. They mostly represent country landscapes, villages, churches, houses under the snow, lakes, rivers, bridges and sometimes some villagers. The collection also includes flowers, cats, and a series on Venice. Rare testimony of this art today disappeared. Nova typis transacta navigatio Novi orbis Indiae Occidentalis La planche de Kilian montre un portrait complet de Colomb sous un globe ou une carte circulaire, avec l'inscription "Almirante de nauios par las Indias".

Engraved emblematic title, 19 folding, woodcut diagrams in text. Plate of Columbus with a map of the world, signed by Wolfgang Kilian.

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First Edition, second issue of this famous relation of the Benedictine missionaries who accompanied Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas. Although laced with miraculous accounts, beginning with the mass celebrated by St. Brendan on the back of a whale pl.

A specimen of music is given on pp. The author accuses the Protestant de Brys' accounts of being filled with lies, and dwells on the barbaric cruelties of the natives in support of the notion that Satan ruled the native American religions. Only the first engraving is signed, by Wolfgang Kilian , Augsburg master-engraver, but the others are comparable in style and were probably also executed by him.

Kilian's plate shows a full length portrait of Columbus under a globe or circular map, with the inscription Almirante de nauios par las Indias. Son uvre manuscrite est totalement disparue. Original edition of this work due to Jean Prestet , in which this mathematician who was the student of Nicolas Malebranche gives the first demonstration page of the "rule of signs" that Descartes had stated without justification in his Geometry in Leibnitz had clearly indicated a demonstration element, but he did not really give it.

Prestet recognized that his own demonstration was insufficient and it was not until and Gauss's work before having a further demonstration. Jean Prestet native of Chalon-sur-Saone, was an oratorian priest and mathematician. In his "Elemens de Mathematiques", his major work, he seeks to base mathematics on arithmetic and algebra rather than geometry. Prestet spent his youth composing his work, under the direction of Malbranche from to The Privilege is dated September 27, , the recording of October 21, and the completed printing of November 20, The work is dedicated to the Superior General of the Oratory, A.

The work is divided into two parts : the first deals with arithmetic and algebraic operations on numbers, integers, fractions, powers, radicals, as well as proportions and some of their applications such as the rule of companionship , and logarithms. The second part explains what Prestet calls the foundations of analysis, that is to say the algebraic theory of equations, the Diophantine analysis, and also contains a chapter of combinatorics. The text is illustrated with two fold. Prestet produced a second edition in , then a third in His manuscript work has totally disappeared.

J-F Letenneur Livres Rares

There is mention of a treatise on geometry by him in the correspondence between Malebranche and Charles Rene Reyneau The only autograph of his hand known to historians is his letter to Leibniz of Fine copy of this important treatise, preserved in its period binding. Original edition. He was corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Paris. Venice, Gioliti, Re-used vellum.

First edition of a letter written by Gasparo Coelho, dated 13 February, Coelho was Vice-provincial of the Jesuit mission in Japan, based in Nagasaki. Streit describes another edition printed by the same publisher in the same year, but with the following title: Lettera annale scritta di novo dal Giapone, delle cose iui successe lanno MDLXXXII. The present edition is not recorded in Streit. A French edition, translated by Michel Coyssard, was published in Paris in , and a German translation was published in Dilingen in Sans lieu, Contemporary half vellum. Remarkable set of original drawings by the naval painter Antoine Roux , the most famous of the dynasty.

He was famous for its ships portraits: 11 of them in the present set, most of them belonged to the French Navy. Those pencil drawings are followed by some wash drawings depicting Mediterranean landscapes and harbors Toulons Baye. Exceptional work. Et de Tulard et Garnier.

French Fantasy/Fantaisie française ( books)

Engraved frontispieces, engraved plates and tables. Original pink boards, spines gold-stamped. By a Field Officer on the Staff. Illustrated with a Plan of the Operations. London, Printed for John Joseph Stockdale, Sabin, ; Alberich, Contemp cardboard binding.

Auchmuty was born in New York, from a family of loyalists, was the son of the Rector of Trinity Church. This attack is part of a series of British incursions in South America in early Nineteenth century. Auchmuty's initial mission was to retake Buenos Aires, which had been briefly under British control. Held in check in his mission, he decides to attack near Montevideo, a city much less fortified than Buenos Aires.

The book contains the narrative of the operations and the text of Auchmuty general order of declaring the victory. An appendix gives Auchmutys version of the events, with the names of the British employed in the attack and those who were killed, the catches made at Montevideo and the related proceedings in Parliament. The engraved plan placed as a frontispiece shows the geographical area, with the delimitation of the movements of British troops. Le poste de Nam-Dinh dans le delta du fleuve rouge.

France, Tunisie, Tonkin Avec envoi de l'auteur. Lalbum comporte un total de dessins, certains recto-versos, de dimensions variables max : x mm. Il sagit de J. With drawings, ink and watercolors of various sizes. Remarkable collection of drawings and watercolors mainly devoted to Tonkin at the beginning of the French presence, from a military doctor at the post of Nam-Dihn. The Tonkin Expedition was destined to continue the colonial expansion in Southeast Asia and to put an end to the Chinese attacks, with the dream of competing with the British Empire.

It started in , reacting to the hostilities maintained by the Chinese and their allies and ended in by the convention of Tien-Tsin, in witch China recognizes the French conquests.

French Indochina, officially named "Indochinese Union" then "Indochinese Federation", was founded in It regroups, until its disappearance in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, as well as a portion of territory Chinese located in present-day Guangdong Province. The album includes a total of drawings, some recto-verses, of varying dimensions max: x mm. Most are captioned by a date and a place, between to This is J. Morand, doctor at the post ambulance of Nam-Dinh during this period, author of "The post of Nam-Dinh in the delta of the red river" Paris, Rozier, , of which a copy with dedication autograph is joint to the album.

These drawings, nicely executed, testify to the life and campaigns of a health officer since his formation.

Les Mouvements Littéraires [De l'Humanisme au Nouveau Roman]

They are arranged, apart from a few, in a chronological order, as the owner travels. The first 30 represent landscapes of France and various family scenes, dated from to , half are in color. The following 32 drawings are devoted to North Africa: In , the author accompanies the expedition of conquest of Tunisia: Monastir, The ambulance of Sfax, the desert and its inhabitants, the coast, boats The album is then divided into parts delimited by a drawing with several paintings and titled in red: I. Morand will live there during 36 months.

It is during these years that the author of the drawings is the most productive, a few military events, but almost portraying with rigor and care what he discovers, the inhabitants, the landscapes, the architecture etc.


Some, of a different style, may be from another hand. It includes a series of portrait of the inhabitants particularly nice. He left Saigon definitively on May 14, Following : 8 drawings of Indochina from to , including an ink representing the Ambulance of Namh Dinh and a caricature of Dr. Morand in his military uniform. The album ends with a series of pencil sketches made in during his training. Par ceux de la Co[m]pagnie du nom de Iesus, depuis lan Lyons, Benoist Rigaud, Cordier Japonica, DAcosta's work is divided in four parts containing about forty letters of Eastern missionaries written between and , mostly concerning Japan.

Other letters discuss in detail the religion and government of Japan, as well as the missionaries' way of instructing and converting the Japanese. Historia naturale, e morale delle Indie; scritta dal R. Novamente tradotta della lingua Spagnola nella Italiana da Gio. Paolo Galucci Salodiano Academico Veneto. Petite mouillure d'angle interne sur les tous premiers ff. Il sagit du premier travail important sur les Indes occidentales : le Nouveau Monde.

JCB I, p. Antique full vellum, ink title. Acosta was one of the first Europeans to provide a detailed image of the physical and human geography of Latin America; his studies of the Indian civilizations of the New World were a major source of information for several centuries. He may, indeed, be called the first of the true Americanists. Relation dun voyage dexploration au nord-est de la colonie du Cap de Bonne Esperance, entrepris dans les mois de mars, avril et mai Paris, Arthus Bertrand, First edition of this account of a journey undertaken north-east of the colony of the Cape.

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The work is illustrated with a fold. Thomas Arbousset converted into contact with a blind neighbor to whom he read the Bible, missionary accounts and stories of persecution suffered by their Huguenot ancestors. It was during these readings that he decided to become a missionary. The Society of Evangelical Missions sent him to Lesotho where he stayed for twenty-seven years. Following his journey in , he published, in Paris in , this poignant account of what he discovered in these "wild and unknown lands", as he defines them himself.

Paris, Les Belles Lettres, Exemplaire de l'imprimeur cachet imprimeur rouge sur la page de garde.